Kick Pain to the Curb!

Strategic adjustments to your workstation can relieve aches and pains, or better yet prevent them from starting in the first place! The ACT Center offers evaluations and “do-it-yourself” techniques to improve your comfort, mood, and energy, which in turn has a direct impact on your productivity.

Everyone is unique; therefore a single workstation does not function the same for everyone. The position and size of your desk, chair, keyboard, mouse, monitors, etc. should be personalized for your body type and preferences. The ACT Center’s website offers tips on how to evaluate/create a healthy workstation and a purchasing guide for ergonomic products.

If you are interested in having a certified ergonomic assessment specialist conduct an on-site session to provide posture tips, stretching recommendation and workstation set-ups, fill out the request form.


May 1, 2017