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Whether you need a little extra assistance or want to access a computer, DoIT has a solution for all of your tech needs. Do you want to learn a new computer application? Or are you looking for assistive technology? We’ve got you covered!

Adaptive Computing

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The Adaptive Computing Technology (ACT) Center partners with campus disability services to offer academic accommodations as well as assistive technology, ergonomics consultations, training, and support. Their services include:

  • Alternative Format Consultations– A consultation with the ACT Center is required for new students who have established an alternative format accommodation with the Disability Center.
  • Adaptive Technology Consultations– The ACT Center provides consultations for anyone with a permanent or temporary disability to assist in making informed choices about adaptive technology and to find cost-effective ways to meet their adaptive equipment needs.

Computer Sites

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Students have access to more than 40 computer sites across campus and in residence halls. Sites include Macintosh, Windows, and Unix (Linux) workstations loaded with Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud, Endnote, Mathematica, and web browsers. Specialty software is available for your use in some computer sites.

Classroom sites are available for drop-in use when classes are not in session. Sites computers require logging on with your username and password.

Laptop Checkout

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In certain locations, students can check out a laptop for a two-hour period at no charge with a TigerCard. The laptop may only be used in the building from which it was checked out.

To check out a laptop from Memorial Union or the Student Union, you must have your current MU ID card with you. You must also sign the Laptop Checkout Agreement, which, among other things, stipulates that you agree to pay the full replacement value of the laptop if it is lost or stolen. To save time, you can read the Laptop Checkout Agreement and sign the waiver ahead of time. Just go to Mizzou Checkout, log in with your university credentials, choose Laptop Checkout (for each location you wish), read the waiver agreement, then click the Accept link. Your waiver will then be on file so you can then check out a laptop by just using your ID.

Laptop Checkout locations include:

DoIT Training

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DoIT Training offers online training resources. They provide a core group of resources in Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, and web design. They also offer recorded webinars and YouTube videos.