As a new MU student, you now have access to many different online tools and services. We encourage you to explore them all; however, the following are essential, first steps to start the process of becoming integrated with the technology on campus. These are the basics you will want to set up and/or make sure are working as soon as possible.

Your Username and Password

Your username, password, and student ID number are all extremely important parts of your identity as a MU Tiger. With them comes access to personal records and information such as your grades, course login, email, finances – pretty much everything.

This is your identity and no one else’s. When you set your password for the first time, be prepared to register information for our 2-factor authentication system at Mizzou. So, don’t share your password with ANYONE; not your roommate, not your BFF, not even your parents!

If your parents want access to your financial aid or grades, you can log into myZou and set them up with Additional Authorized Access. Parents will receive their own username and password to gain limited access to your records, aid and grades.

ID Cards

The Mizzou TigerCard is the campus-issued identification card used for ID badges, student IDs and to access many campus services. Students, faculty and staff can pick up their TigerCard in the ID Card Office, located on the lower level of The Mizzou Store located inside the MU Student Center.

MyZou Student Portal

MyZou acts as a secure online destination for all of your private university information. It’s where you handle the “Business” of attending Mizzou, such as reviewing records, registering for classes, updating personal info, and lots more. Start exploring myZou now by logging in with your username and password.

Student Email

All official university communications are sent through your student email account ( It is where you will be informed of important dates, deadlines, class registration, and specific hall information. Your email account should be set up to access it with your email and university password.

Tiger WiFi

TigerWifi, Mizzou’s wireless network, is available in the residence hall rooms and common areas. TigerWiFi is not the same as your home WiFi network. It has increased network security standards to protect your personal and academic information. Bring devices with an Ethernet port because many wireless devices will not connect to TigerWiFi.

Campus Printing

Print Anywhere allows students to print to MU network-connected printers from their personal laptops while connected to TigerWiFi. Install the printer, start your print job, and pick it up at your designated printer on the way to class.

This is possible using the Print Smart system that grants free printing allowances to enrolled students each semester. Undergraduate students are issued a $17.50 print allowance, which is about 350 pages (black only). Installation of the printers, viewing print job information, and refund requests can be set into motion through PrintSmart website. If you go over your semester allowance, you can add money to your Tigercard account to pay for the additional printing. You can check your semester print allowance through the ID Card Manager site.

Student Laptops

While some schools and colleges don’t require a personal computer, having one makes college life much easier. If you decide to bring a computer to Mizzou, it’s important to get the right computer for you and your major. Be sure to check Let Your Major Be Your Guide for recommendations.


The Division of IT offers a variety of academic, scientific, technical and productivity software products for departments and individual faculty, staff and students.