The Division of IT offers a variety of academic, scientific, technical and productivity software products for departments and individual faculty, staff and students. There are several ways to obtain software:

A variety of standard and specialty software is available for your use in the computing sites. View a complete listing of which software and hardware are offered in which labs.

Our Software Anywhere service is a great way for enrolled students and staff to access University software online from any computer connected to the Internet. Software Anywhere is available at no charge, 24 hours a day. Available software includes SPSS, SAS, and more.

Our Software Sales service offers academic, scientific, technical, and productivity software products for sale to departments, and in some cases, individual faculty, staff and students. Some software products are only available on certain campuses. Refer to each product for pricing and availability information.

When you use Centrally Supported Software, which are some of the most widely used applications on campus, Tech Support can provide assistance and recommendations. For specialized academic software, you may want to contact your faculty or teaching assistant for more information.