Login Changes to O365/University Email on May 20

On Wednesday, May 20, the login ID and password of your University Microsoft 365 account (including your email account) will be changed. Your actual email address and any personalized aliases that you have setup will not change.

Here is some important information you need to know when accessing your account on or after this date. Please note that you cannot make these changes until on or after May 20.

  1. Going forward, your Microsoft 365 login ID will always be your username with @umsystem.edu. (As an example, Jane Doe, whose username is “jad123” would log in with jad123@umsystem.edu. Her email address remains jad123@mail.missouri.edu.) This login id format will soon become the standard for access to all University electronic resources.
  2. Your password will change to the password that you use for other University resources such as Canvas and the student information system. If you need to change this password in the future, you can do so at: https://www.umsystem.edu/ums/is/infosec/how_to_use_the_secure_authentication_toolkit. You will NOT need to re-set up the multi-factor authentication information that you recently setup. The method in which you receive passcodes will continue to work as it has in the past.
  3. Any email apps you have setup will need to be reconfigured with your new login id and password, this includes mobile (phone, tablet, etc.) and desktop clients (MS Mail, MS Outlook). Unsecure download methods such as Pop and IMAP have been disabled. Visit this website for more information on how to set up your device. If you’re still having troubles, contact your IT Help Desk if you need assistance.
  4. The University will be disabling older email protocols (POP, IMAP) to ensure more secure connections to email accounts. This could potentially break your applications connection to your account. You can visit this UM Information Security page for more information: https://www.umsystem.edu/ums/is/infosec/0365mfa-implementation-faqs.

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we continue to make security and reliability improvements to our technology services and systems.

May 11, 2020