Status of IT Services

Aug. 30 — When an IT Service experiences issues such as working slow, unsuccessful login, an outage, or maintenance; users can quickly go to to see if we are reporting issues. You can easily see what services are operational by the green check marks. If the service is having issues or under maintenance, you will see yellow, red, or a maintenance tool icon. You can click on the Subscribe To Updates button to receive email, text messages, or both. There are options as to what services want to be notified about or select all of them. For questions or assistance please call Tech Support at 573- 882-5000.

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Cyberinfrastructure Day (CI Day) 2017

Aug. 9 — Registration is now open for the Cyberinfrastructure Council’s fourth CI Day at MU at the Memorial Union on Wednesday, October 4. This year’s theme is Leveraging Shared Resources for Innovation and Discovery. CI Day fosters collaboration, networking, and collective problem-solving. Attendees will learn more about advanced computing technologies across a wide range of disciplines. Click here to register. Click here for conference details

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MU Apps Dev Conference

Aug. 9 — Please plan to join us on Thursday, November 16th for the 2017 MU Application Development conference in Benton Bingham Hall – Memorial Union. Learn about resources available to campus developers, find new tools and methods, and grow your peer network. Click here for more information and Click here to register.

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New Students portal

Aug. 9 — Check out the New Students portal page for MU students at

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Secure Authentication Toolkit

Aug. 8 — The university has implemented the Secure Authentication Toolkit as an additional layer of protection for your personal information and electronic data. Future use of the Secure Authentication tools will be required to reset your university password and to gain access to university applications that contain sensitive data (such as myZou and myHR). If you have not registered…

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Computer Lab Intersession Hours

June 30 — The Computer Labs are running intersession hours until Fall Semester begins. Check out your favorite lab to know when it is open!

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If you are enrolled, you can print!

May 10 — The Print Smart allowance will reset Monday, July 31 for the fall semester. That means $7.00 will be added to the account of all students who are enrolled. Students can track usage and remaining allowance online. If you use up your allowance, the cost of each additional print will be charged to your student account. Learn more.

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New Webmail Portal Launched!

May 3 — Check out the newly redesigned webmail portal page for MU students, faculty, and staff at

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Don’t Take the Bait – Avoid Phishing Scams!

May 2 — Be careful what you click on! Phishing is a form of internet fraud that uses pop-up messages and emails to trick you into disclosing important info like credit card numbers, bank account information, social security numbers and more. Check out some of DoIT’s best tips for avoiding identity-stealing schemes.

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Computer Lab Hours

May 1

The Computer Labs will be running intersession hours May 13 - June 4. Check out your favorite lab to know when it is open! Online Tech Support is available 24×7 at</

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