Active Directory Consolidation

May 12, 2019 — Beginning May 2019, the University will start migrating faculty, staff, student and certain retiree user accounts to a single user domain for accessing university applications. This will allow a single method of identification for all application users, reduce complexity in information systems, increase security and help enhance collaboration systemwide. For more information on the migration,…

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Learn website accessibility from industry experts!

April 9, 2019 — Need inspiration and the practical knowledge to make your web presence truly universal? Join us May 29, 2019 for the Web Accessibility Summit, a web conference that brings together experts in web accessibility.

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DoIT Partners with MizzouOne

March 12, 2019 — MizzouOne is a student-focused portal that offers a one stop shop for students to locate online resources such as Transcript Requests, Canvas Access, MU Connect, Add a Class, and View my Grades through a modern app store experience.  Access MizzouOne through either your desktop or mobile browser.  The app provides a simple but powerful search…

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Tax Season Increases Risk of Identity Theft

Feb. 1, 2019 — With the arrival of tax season, the risk of identity theft increases. During this time of the year, scammers will send phishing messages in an attempt to maneuver you into providing them with your personal data, including W-2, banking and other personal information. You can protect yourself though. Do not respond to any electronic requests…

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Division of IT has a New Self-Service Portal

Jan. 17, 2019 — Division of IT has launched a new self-service portal that replaces myServices and Remedy requests. You can easily find out what services IT offers, submit your requests, search help information, and view the status of your tickets. Check it out at!

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Retiring Long-Distance Authorization Codes

Dec. 18, 2018 — The University will discontinue all use of long-distance authorization codes by Monday, January 7, 2019. All long-distance dialing will be via direct dial, which means dialing 78 prior to a long distance number is no longer required. The MoCode associated with the phone line will serve for billing purposes. For questions, call DoIT Help Desk…

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Adobe Application License and Installation Changes

July 9, 2018 — Adobe is changing their licensing technology. This means DoIT will be adjusting the Adobe software installation process on University computers. Starting July 1, the University will move from a serial number installation, where a user could access the installer and download the software, to a "named user" installation. The "named user" install will be done…

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IT Classroom Training No Longer Available

June 29, 2018 — The Division of IT will no longer provide classroom instruction, one-on-one assistance with software, or custom courses. This decision is due to the notification of the final budget reductions.  IT Training’s webpages provide access to current training manuals and additional online resources for various software and web development.

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Global Accessibility Awareness Day

May 3, 2018 — The 7th annual Global Accessibility Awareness Day is May 17, 2018. This annual global effort educates people about the need and methods for supporting access and inclusion to digital resources (web, mobile, etc.). According to Peter Altschul, Intercollegiate Athletics tutor, "Invariably, when you make your websites accessible to people with disabilities, you will make them…

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TigerWifi Certificate Change

April 13, 2018 — TigerWifi's security certificate is expiring and a new one is being put in place. Depending on your devices and operating systems, you may experience a pop-up screen asking you to accept the new certificate, Trust the site, or click Connect. Please do so.

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