Microsoft Software Update Alert – Desktop Shortcuts may be impacted

The University of Missouri has reported some Windows 10 & 11 computers have been affected by a defective update performed by Microsoft that removed program shortcuts from the Start menu. Fortunately, Microsoft discovered the issue before it made it to every computer. The Division of IT is working diligently to restore all MS Office and browser shortcuts. These should be updated on affected computers today.

Shortcuts for applications other than MS Office and browser shortcuts may have to be re-pinned to the Start menu to be utilized.  To add a shortcut to the Start menu: Press the Start button or Windows key and type the app’s name in the search bar. Users can get to applications by typing the app’s name in the search bar, or by typing the following in the Windows search bar: C:\Program Files, and then locating the .exe file for the application they would like to find. Right-click on the app and select Pin to Start or Pin to Taskbar to create the shortcut.  If only the Unpin option exists, you may need to do this first. Please contact IT if you need assistance, and thank you for your patience!

Jan. 13, 2023