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Report Email Abuse if you feel you have received scam emails, or if you are unsure an email is legitimate or not. Send the suspect emails to as an attachment. Detailed information about spam, junk email and phishing scams is available in the InfoSec Resources.


Exchange Online Application (Recommendations)

Application Recommended – Fully Supported Enabled – Self Service Support Only Enabled – No Support Disabled
Office 365 X
Office 2019 X
Outlook App X
Microsoft Applications (all) X
Cisco Jabber Chat X
MacMail X
iOS Mail X
Android X
Android Mail X
WindowsMail X
Thunderbird (77 or greater)*Linux Only Client X
Nine X
Calendly X
ZOOMROOMS+(ExchangeServicesClient) X
Apple Exchange Web Services X
KYOCERA-E6820/7.1.2-EAS-2.0 X
Spark X
BlueMail X