Internet in Res Halls

Mizzou provides secure Internet access for students living in the res halls. Connect using either the high-speed Ethernet network or using wifi.

High-Speed Internet

Plugging ethernet into laptop.
Each residence hall room has a wired Ethernet port for each student. Using Ethernet is faster and more reliable than wireless, so bring a 25-foot Ethernet cable with you. During the semester, be sure to connect with Ethernet to do your important homework, like when you take a quiz or submit an assignment!

Ethernet-Compatible Devices
Be sure to bring entertainment devices that have an Ethernet port or the can use an Ethernet adapter. That is the preferred method for connecting to the network. Adapters are available at TigerTech. The following devices have a wired Ethernet option available:

  • Sony Playstation
  • PS4: has built-in Ethernet (instructions)
  • PS3: has built-in Ethernet (instructions)
  • PS2: (adapter information)
  • Microsoft Xbox: has built-in Ethernet
  • Nintendo Wii / Wii U: (adapter information)
  • Amazon Fire TV: has built-in Ethernet (instructions)
  • Apple TV: has built-in Ethernet
  • Roku
  • Roku 4: has built-in Ethernet
  • Roku 3: has built-in Ethernet
  • Roku 2: has built-in Ethernet
  • Google Chromecast (adapter information)
  • some Smart TVs
  • some DVD players
  • some BluRay players

Wireless at Mizzou: TigerWiFi

Wireless Devices
TigerWiFi, Mizzou’s wireless network, is available in the residence hall rooms and common areas.

TigerWiFi is not the same as your home WiFi network. It is intended for academic purposes; therefore, it intentionally uses more stringent security standards than home WiFi to protect your personal and academic information. Bring devices with an Ethernet port because many wireless devices will not connect to TigerWiFi.

Devices Not Supported on TigerWiFi

The following devices are not supported on TigerWifi. They do not support the WPA2-Enterprise security that is required by TigerWiFi.

Gaming Systems

  • Sony Playstation (original)
  • Microsoft Xbox One
  • Microsoft XBox 360
  • Nintendo Wii
  • Nintendo Wii U
  • Nintendo DS

Video Systems

  • Handheld Sony devices
  • DVD players
  • BluRay players

Television Systems

  • Roku Streaming Stick
  • Roku 1
  • Google Chromecast
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Amazon Fire TV Stick
  • NeoTV
  • Apple TV
  • Smart TVs from various manufacturers (Samsung, Vizio, Sony)
  • Amazon Echo devices

Computer Accessories

  • Many computer printers
  • Amazon Kindle (original model)
  • Digital cameras