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High Performance Computing

High-Performance Computing (HPC) is a system-wide service that provides the advanced computational and data-driven capabilities needed for innovative and collaborative research activities at the University of Missouri. The HPC environment includes a state-of-the-art shared-resource cluster, an experimental cluster, a teaching and learning cluster for students, and a number of grant-friendly investor services. It also includes general purpose research storage and high-throughput computing storage. An HPC secure environment for DCL3 and DCL4 data is also available.

You may apply for an HPC account using the Computing Resources Account Request form. The teaching and learning cluster only requires university single-sign-on credentials.

RCSS provides ongoing training for our high-performance computing resources. This training covers hardware basics, how to use the scheduler, how to use secure shell key-based authentication, and any other questions you may have. Please bring your own laptop.

July 2019: Call for HPC Investment

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Research Computing