Account Management

Account Management

The Account Management Service is designed to help University of Missouri students, faculty, staff, and guests create and manage their computing accounts and passwords. Your account with the University of Missouri is called your Username (also referred to as a Single Sign-On or SSO ID) and is the primary form of authentication to access most MU technology resources. You are assigned a username when you enroll as a student or begin employment with the University.

All University faculty, staff, and students are provided with a username. Your username is used for most University resources.

  • A student username (SSO) consists of a student's initials and three random characters which ensures its uniqueness.
  • A faculty/staff username usually consists of the employee's last name combined with initials. 

Account access to most University resources will expire once you no longer meet the University's eligibility requirements. See the Availability tab for eligibility requirements.

Properly managing your account is one of the most basic security measures you can take. Learn more about changing or resetting your password.

There are no fees associated with this service.


To be eligible for computing resources on the TIGERS domain, students must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • enrolled for the current or a future semester
  • admitted for a future semester
  • employee in a student employee title
  • documented exception (verified by the Division of IT)


To be eligible for computing resources, an individual must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Employed as a faculty or staff member
    • COLUMBIA business unit personnel are eligible for the UMC-USERS domain (unless otherwise specified below)
    • UM SYSTEM or Extension business unit personnel are eligible for the UM-USERS domain
    • HOSPITAL business unit personnel, Columbia School of Medicine personnel, and School of Health Professions departmental personnel are eligible for the UMHS-USERS domain
  • Enrolled in the Retiree Access IT program - eligible for the UMC-USERS domain
  • An Emeritus Professor, on file with the MU Provost - eligible for the UMC-USERS domain
  • A documented exception (verified by the Division of IT)

Resource Accounts

To retain a resource account the following information must be on file with the Division of IT:

  • A documented sponsor, the sponsor must be employed by the university
  • A purpose or use for the account documented
  • A valid expiration date, up to one year in the future

Visitor Accounts

A Visitor to the University of Missouri or University Hospital is defined as:

  1. Any nonaffiliated individual with a need for network access for a period greater than 30 days OR
  2. Any nonaffiliated individual with a need for one or more of the following Telecom & IT Resources regardless of the duration of requested access to:

The Visitor's sponsoring department is responsible for the processes required to obtain Visitor access to University resources.

Depending on your relationship with the University, the creation process will vary.

Student Accounts

Activating your Student Username

New students must activate their username and setup a strong password before the credential can be used. Most students create their password during Summer Welcome or as part of the admission process. If you have yet to create a University password, you may do so by accessing myZou. You will need the "temporary" password which was mailed to you when you applied to the University. If you do not have your temporary password, go to myZou and click on the Forgot Your Password link

Faculty/Staff Accounts

Activating your Employee Username

  • Columbia business unit: New faculty and staff accounts are created via the new hire process. Employee number, username, and temporary password are emailed to the new hire with instructions for logging into MyHR and establishing a password. This includes Schools of Medicine, Health Professions and Nursing.
  • MU Health Care-MUHC: staff accounts are already created via the new hire process. UMHC staff will receive their username (SSO) and password in new employee orientation. Note: Schools of Medicine, Health Professions and Nursing should see Columbia business unit.

Resource Accounts

Resource accounts are primarily used for departmental mailboxes, emails and calendars. To request a resource account, contact your IT Pro.

Visitor Accounts

Go to and click on the Help icon. Login to the self-service portal with your University user id and password, and Search for Answers accordingly. For additional assistance, contact our Help Desk at 573-882-5000.