Password Tools

Secure Authentication Toolkit
The University is moving all users to the Secure Authentication Toolkit for password management services. The Toolkit allows for a second layer of password safety by requiring additional authentication (phone number, email address, etc.) in order to access system storing sensitive date (such as myHR). If you have not already done so, register with the Toolkit to avoid future interruptions of access to your account and associated services.
If you have not yet registered with the Secure Authentication Toolkit but need to reset your University password before you can do so, use one of the following password tools:
Faculty and staff University accounts. Click on Create/reset password.
Student University accounts. Click on Forgot Your Password?
Sponsored Account Management Tool
Use this to edit sponsorship details and reset passwords of your resource (non-Pawprint) accounts.
Office 365 Password Reset Tool
Use this to reset your Office 365 password.