Changes Coming Soon to Faculty/Staff Email

Feb. 9 – With the recent upgrade to the email system, please be aware of mail management settings that will now be consistently applied to all mailboxes. Beginning February 15 , any items that are deleted or placed in the Deleted Items or Junk E-mail folders will automatically be purged after 30 days. After they are purged, those items are moved to the Recover Deleted Items folder for an additional 30 days. This effectively means all users have up to 60 days to recover any items that were deleted. Those items can be recovered using the Recover Deleted Items option within Outlook or Outlook Web App.

It is important that you not use either of these folders to store emails/folders indefinitely.

By Wednesday, Feb. 15, make sure you do not have anything in your Deleted Items folder that you do not want automatically purged from the email system.

Please contact Tech Support at 573.882.5000 if you have any questions or need assistance.

Feb. 9, 2017