Unified Communications Update

In spring of 2016, the University of Missouri campus and Health System welcomed a new unified communications (UC) service to replace the preexisting phone system. Although the entire project isn’t scheduled for completion until the end of 2018, the UC team has replaced 25-30% of the phones.

UC seamlessly unifies desk and mobile phones with other important features specifically designed to help university employees communicate more effectively. Their next phase will include the athletic department. With football and basketball now out of season, it fits perfectly into the project schedule.

“We have to do Athletics based on when there are no athletics and we like to hit the big academic centers during intercession,” Macy explained.

They used this past winter break as an opportunity to switch over the phone systems in Jesse Hall and the Student Center. After Athletics, the project team will turn their attention to the Health System, which is planned for August through January. After that, they will resume campus migrations.

For more information on the project or to check out the schedule, visit doit.missouri.edu/projects/unified-communications/.

March 24, 2017