MU Data Center

The MU Data Center, operated by the Division of Information Technology, provides a secure and environmentally controlled facility that houses computing systems for MU and other University of Missouri organizations. The center offers the following standard services and features:

  • Environmentally controlled cooling and humidity.
  • Redundant power to all rack locations.
  • Uninterrupted power supply and generator backup.
  • Fire suppression.
  • Physical security with video surveillance.
  • 24x7x365 system monitoring.

Servers located in the Data Center can utilize up to 10 Mbps of Internet throughput. Additional Internet bandwidth can be purchased if necessary.

All systems in the data center are located behind a firewall with a default configuration of deny all. Ports will be opened as needed but will not be opened to the entire Internet unless the service necessitates it. Coordination of these configurations are managed by the Division’s Network Group. Please also see the data center policies page.

Optional separately charged services include:

  • Manual backup and off-site storage
  • Automatic backup and off-site storage
  • Additional Internet bandwidth
  • Gigabit Ethernet


In most cases, floor space for academic departments is funded centrally. Non-MU departments and MU Service Operations may incur a floor space fee. Eligibility for central funding will be determined during the pre-occupancy consultation.

Service Cost Comments
Physical space per cubic foot $25.00/foot³/month Cubic foot space is generally used by departments not requiring an entire rack
Physical space per square foot $138/foot²/month Square foot space is generally used by departments requiring one or more full racks worth of space
Port fee (1000 Mbps) $15.25/port/month Billed monthly
Internet bandwidth $20/Mbps/month Above the standard 10 Mbps
Manual backup and off-site storage $62/hour Requires consultation to determine amount of time required
System monitoring $62/hour Requires consultation to determine amount of time required
Automatic backup and off-site storage See backup page for information and pricing.

Obtaining Service

Data Center floor space and services are only available to University departments. Data center space is not available for housing personal servers. Officially recognized organizations may place equipment within the Data Center as long as such space is sponsored by a University department.

Standards for placing racks and equipment in Data Center:

  • Size of rack (24″ wide x 42″ deep x 78.5″ high)
  • Two (L6-30) power plugs (one redundant for the other)
  • Internet connection with Cat6 cable

Anything other than the standard needs special consideration.

If you have a need for Data Center services, contact your departmental IT Pro. Users without a recognized departmental IT Pro should contact Tech Support at 573.882.5000 for a consultation.


There are several request forms for Data Center Services that you can complete in the Cherwell Portal, they are:  Modify Data Center Location Information, Place Equipment in the Data Center, Remove Equipment from the Data Center, or Request Data Center Access.

Follow these steps to submit a service request form.

  1. Log in to Cherwell.
  2. Click File, hover over New and then select New Incident.
  3. Complete the information in Step 1: Record the Details.
  4. In Step 2: Classify, select the following options.
    1.    Service Provider: DoIT
    2.    Service: Servers & Storage
    3.    Category: Data Center
    4.    Subcategory: Select from the options in the list.
         Note: If a service specific form is available after classification, it will appear in Step 3: Fulfill Request. If there is no form, click the  Next: Begin Work link.
  5. A form appears for the subcategory you selected. Complete the form.
  6. Click the Next: Begin Work link.

Notice of Information Disclosure: Information from these forms will be used for Data Center operations only. It will not be used or released for any other purposes.