Database Hosting Service Agreement

Service Delivery

DoIT is responsible for providing a tuned and secure database environment as well as conducting all system upgrades and security patches to the operating system and the software. DoIT will provide support and assistance for activities requiring advanced capabilities such as root or system privileges, assist service consumers with the initial creation of and modification of user accounts, allocation of database disk space quota, and other tasks that can only be accomplished by the server or database administrators.

Consumers of this service must have external support for any application-related questions or will need to engage DoIT consulting services if application development support is required.

Backup and recovery are offered as a part of this service. Backups allow for recovery of files and data for up to thirty days. In addition, DoIT will maintain server availability in accordance with the standard windows for scheduled maintenance and upgrade activities.

As part of the hosting environment, DoIT also provides a dedicated development and test system. This system is maintained at the same operating system and database release levels as the production server, and has the same backup/recovery, maintenance and upgrade outage schedules as the production system.

Client and application connections to both the development and production services may take advantage of SSL encryption if the customer desires.

Use of Services

You agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this agreement by having a University of Missouri IT Pro submit your database hosting request.

This service may not be used to store highly restricted data as defined by the Acceptable Use Policy and the University Data Classification System. Please note this service may not be used for HIPAA data nor any data above classification level three (DCL3).

All departments are required to register their database resources in the database registry.

Service Communication

Unexpected service disruptions are communicated to service consumers through the University of Missouri Systems Status site. If customers are experiencing service disruption without explanation on the UM Systems Status site, they should alert the Help Desk at 573.882.5000.

Cancellation or Termination

DoIT reserves the right to perform security audits on consumers of this service in order to protect the interests of the University of Missouri community. If these audits result in negative security findings, the customer will be notified, but DoIT reserves the right to terminate use of the service.

Customers desiring to terminate this service offering should coordinate with their IT Pro to submit a cancellation request through MyServices.