Database Hosting for Departments

Database Hosting for Departments

The Division of IT provides a simple, safe and cost-effective way to host and administer small- and medium-scale departmental databases in a shared environment.

Database Hosting Services include system database administration services such as backups, disaster recovery as well as server software and hardware management. Current supported platforms include Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL. The Database Hosting service is a shared service intended for small- and medium-scale databases. It is not intended for very large or high-volume databases.


  • You do not have to purchase a server to host data.
  • You do not have to purchase a database server license.
  • You do not have to perform system DBA functions on your own server.
  • You receive professional hosting support.
  • Your data is backed up daily.
  • Your data is stored on a secure server.
  • Vendor support and escalation is included.

Hosting Environments:

  • MySQL operates on a Red Hat Linux system and utilizes a current, patched version of the MySQL database software.
  • Oracle runs on a Red Hat Linux system and utilizes a current, patched version of the Oracle database software.
  • MS SQL operates on a Microsoft Windows server and utilizes a current, patched version of the SQL database software.

Services are available for both MU and UM System departments and fees are payable by MoCode.

Pricing varies according to the selected database platform; each platform includes a development environment, backups, and disaster recovery services.

MySQL -  $31 per 500 MB per month

Oracle  -  $33 per 500 MB per month

SQL      -  $28 per 500 MB per month



  • MU
    • departments
  • UM System
    • departments

Database Hosting Services may not be available during the standard weekend maintenance window, which is midnight Sunday to noon.

Contact your IT Pro to obtain new database service, modify existing database service options, or cancel service. Please read the Database Hosting Service Agreement first.

All departments are required to register their database resources in the Database Registry.

Contact your departmental IT Pro or call Tech Support at 573.882.5000 for more information.

Go to and click on the Help icon. Login to the self-service portal with your University user id and password, and Search for Answers accordingly. For additional assistance, contact our Help Desk at 573-882-5000.