High Performance Computing Upgrade

Research Computing Support is in the process of upgrading and expanding two existing clusters, building 4 new specialized clusters, and decommissioning old equipment and infrastructure. We will be adding more than 100 new nodes (more than 2800 cores and 34 TB of RAM!) and restructuring the networking, storage, and other infrastructure.

Please note the following schedule so you can plan accordingly:

Testing Phase: September 1 – September 30

Lewis is being upgraded and is now ready for general testing. We encourage you to try it out before we start the restructuring phase.

Restructuring Phase: October 3 – October 11

For much of this time, Lewis will not be available, as we will be restructuring the whole environment in the data center. There will be no Lewis training on Wednesday, October 5.

Expansion Phase: October 12 – October 31

We will be migrating equipment and adding new nodes for the remainder of October.  As equipment is still arriving, this is subject to change. Watch this space for details.

Any new accounts will use the new, upgraded environment. Faculty and researchers can apply for accounts for themselves and their students by completing and submitting the UMBC_Account_Request_Form. The project supervisor must email the completed form to RSC@missouri.edu. Please send a public, secure, shell key that is protected with a strong passphrase (see the RCSS HowTo) along with the application.

Sept. 2, 2016