Lewis3 Scheduler Policy Update

The scheduler policy has been updated to make it more flexible for users needs and to allow for longer jobs to be run. The 48-hour time limit is now a soft limit and a long queue has been added for users that need more time. If you need between two and seven days, please contact support@rnet.missouri.edu to be added to the “long” account. You will then use this account to run longer jobs (specify with -A long). If you need jobs to run more than seven days, please discuss your specific needs with us.

Additionally, the default time for users jobs had not been set properly before. This has been changed from the previous default of two days to the stated two hours. Please specify the job time with -t or –time and give lots of extra time (but not unreasonable time). The better you estimate your time the better the scheduler will be able to run your jobs.

Aug. 18, 2015