Research Computing News

Important Partition Changes

Nov. 12, 2019 — The Lewis Maintenance has been completed. The queue was released yesterday and jobs have been running overnight. The login will open shortly. Important information about running jobs below.The new GPU rack has been installed and one more investor GPU node with 3x V100’s has been added to the cluster. We can now easily add GPU…

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RCSS November Maintenance Window (11/11)

Oct. 28, 2019 — We are scheduling a short maintenance window for Monday November 11th to add more GPU’s to the Lewis Cluster and do some work on the Research Network in anticipation of adding the HPC6 rack. Jobs that are scheduled to complete before Monday at 6:00am will run and jobs in the queue will start running after the…

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New training program for Lewis users

Oct. 28, 2019 — Research Computing Support Services (RCSS) at MU will start offering training courses related to high performance computing. The first course will be on basic usage of Linux/Unix system where the user will receive a training on basic Linux commands and typical workflow on a Linux machine. All courses will be hands on with demonstration of…

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RCSS Summer/Fall 2019 Update

Oct. 1, 2019 — This summer we continued to grow and evolve Research Computing on campus and across the system.  We would like to welcome Predrag Lazic to the group.  Predrag comes from a career in academia where he worked in the fields of computational materials science and physics and has expertise in large-scale parallel computations.  We would also…

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Lewis Expansion and the HPC Investment Service

July 19, 2019 — If you plan on investing in the cluster with equipment grant funds in the next 12 months please read this as the HPC Investor service is changing. HPC Investors need to respond ASAP. We are in the final phase of purchasing our next HPC expansion rack (HPC6) in anticipation of removing older nodes early in…

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Presentation: High Performance Computing in Materials Science – Non-local Correlation and Electrostatics

May 31, 2019 — Research Computing will be hosting Dr. Predrag Lazic in the Physics Library at 4:00 PM Monday, June 3rd. Title: High performance computing in materials science - non-local correlation and electrostatics. Abstract: In this talk we will present two projects from materials science that are closely related to HPC. The first project which resulted in the…

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Spring 2019 Update

May 8, 2019 — This spring saw a lot of changes to the team with the addition of new members and the departure of others. In January Brian Marxkors joined our team as a Business Technology Analyst and will be helping us manage our projects, services, documentation, and work with researchers on their research computing needs. He was joined…

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Cyberinfrastructure Engineer Position at the University of Missouri

Nov. 7, 2018 — The University of Missouri is searching for a Cyberinfrastructure Engineer to fill a new position that will work closely with researchers to help them evaluate their research computation needs and to recommend solutions that allow them to take full advantage of the resources available. Mizzou’s cyberinfrastructure (CI) engineers develop scientific workflows to advance research in all areas, including bioinformatics, machine learning, material science, and computational chemistry. As a cyberinfrastructure engineer, you will work on a broad range of projects across campus with opportunities to specialize in a number of domain areas.

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Lewis Fall 2018 Expansion

Sept. 17, 2018 — We just completed the expansion and regular maintenance of the Lewis cluster by 33 nodes (1320 next generation cores) and now have a total of 6064 cores in the Lewis cluster.  With these nodes comes an increased capacity to run large parallel MPI with the new 100Gbps EDR Infiniband fabric connecting these nodes.  The new…

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Lewis Maintenance Window – September 4, 2018

Aug. 21, 2018 — The nodes are here and ready to be added to the cluster! The electricians are finishing the wiring to handle the additional power that the new nodes require (similar to 12 dryer plugs!). In addition to adding 32 new nodes, we will also be upgrading our cluster storage network cables and moving some equipment around…

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