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July 20  — You are working away on your laptop when, BAM! you just can't remember how to (insert problem here). How to get your question answered without losing your great table in the Student Center? Live Chat! is #heretohelp!

June 18 - The Computer Labs are running summer hours until July 31. Check out your favorite lab to know when it is open!


May 22 — Beginning May 18, DoIT begins a comprehensive upgrade to wireless at MU. TigerWiFi and TigerWiFi-Guest will replace MizzouWireless and MizzouWireless-Guest to bring MU improved reliability and functionality. Over the summer DoIT is focusing on the academic buildings and large student gathering spots. During the second phase we will focus on remaining campus buildings. Follow our progress at Work in Progress.

May 26 - The PeopleSoft Financials system upgrade is complete. If you have questions or experience problems, call Tech Support at 573.882.5000.


May 23 - Tech Support will be closed on Monday, May 25 for the Memorial Day holiday. Phone support and Live Chat! will be open regular hours on Saturday and Sunday May 23 and 24. Walk-up support, located in The Mizzou Store, will be closed Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Online Tech Support is available 24x7 at

May 19- The Blackboard Transact ID system upgrade is complete. If you have questions call the ID Office at 573.882.1871.

Apr. 17 - Do you right from wrong when it comes to copyright? You should; not knowing will cost you at least $200 and your network access. The Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) governs an author's right to determine appropriate distribution of their material and the University actively enforces this protection. Think before you download! Learn more about copyright/wrong to protect yourself! 

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