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  • Copyright violations will cost MU Students at least $200 and two weeks with no network access.Copyright is everyone’s responsibility.
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  • Division of Information Technology employee checks Research Computing's latest supercomputer.Division of Information Technology employee checks Research Computing's latest supercomputer.

Apr. 22 - Microsoft Access Boot Camp returns to campus April 28-29. Take the entire Access 2013 series in just two days to learn how to manage your data more effectively! Enroll today!

Apr. 17 - Do you right from wrong when it comes to copyright? You should; not knowing will cost you at least $200 and your network access. The Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) governs an author's right to determine appropriate distribution of their material and the University actively enforces this protection. Think before you download! Learn more about copyright/wrong to protect yourself! 

Mar. 31 -  University employees and students have been caught by the fraudulent tax schemes floating around at this time of year. Criminals target higher paid employees but they also try to fool students, who they believe are more gullible. Take action if you think you've been a victim of identify theft!