Accessing Voicemail

You can access the messages from your University voicemail account several ways.

From your traditional desk phone:

  1. Pick up handset and dial 66.
  2. Enter your voicemail PIN/numeric passcode.

From a phone other than your Cisco desk phone:

    1. Dial 573.884.3111.
    2. When the greeting begins, press *.
    3. After pressing * , enter your ten digit phone number followed by #.
    4. Enter your voicemail PIN/numeric passcode followed by #.

From the Unified Communications Portal:

      1. Visit the Unified Communications Portal.
      2. Click on Voicemail.
      3. Log in with your University username (SSO) and password.
      4. Click Web Inbox.
      5. Select the message.
      6. Click the Play button to listen to the messages through your computer speakers or headset.
      7. You may also Reply, Forward and Delete messages from the Web Inbox.

From Email:

    1. By default, Cisco phone voicemail messages will be delivered to both your phone and the associated inbox of your University email account.
    2. Play the message through your computer speakers or headset.
    3. Deleting a voicemail message from your inbox also deletes the message from your phone.