Cisco Phone Service

Cisco Phone Service

In spring of 2016, the University of Missouri campus and Health System began migration to a new voice communications infrastructure to replace the existing, outdated one.  This new system integrates desk and mobile phones with compatible applications specifically designed to help university employees communicate more effectively.

Although the entire project isn’t scheduled for completion until the end of 2018, our telecommunications team has replaced 75-80% of the phones. Target migration dates are available on the Work In Progress page.  




As part of this project, most phones will be replaced with new Cisco IP phones that work with software to provide enhanced communications options for MU faculty and staff. However, your work telephone number isn’t tied to a particular phone jack in your workspace. Your phone number goes with you, enabling you to be more flexible, mobile, and accessible. Using mobile apps, you will be able to place and answer business phone calls from mobile devices as well as participate in audio and video conference activities from wherever you have a compatible device and a network connection.


Phone Line: $11 per month
Voicemail: $3 per month
Phones & Accessories:
  • Cisco IP 8851 (Employee Phone): $5 per month
  • Cisco IP 8800 Expansion Module: $4.25 per month
  • Cisco IP 7811 (Public Area Phone): $2 per month
  • Cisco IP 8831 (Conference Phone): $11.75 per month
  • WiFi: $450 purchase
  • Headsets: See Compatible Headsets page
For Contact Center pricing, see Contact Center Services.
Provisioning charges of $15 to change ownership of existing phone line, change line appearances on a phone, and reset voicemail, if applicable, will apply.  If you will need changes to 21 or more lines, standard labor charges of $63 per hour, with a one-hour minimum, will apply instead.


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To request new Cisco phone service, click here.  To request new Cisco voicemail, click here.
To change or cancel Cisco phone and voicemail services, continue to use MyServices.
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