Audio and Web Conferencing

Audio and Web Conferencing

Connect with your colleagues, no matter where everyone is located! Audio and Web Conferencing gives MU departments the ability to conference, collaborate and meet across boundaries so that participants are brought into a meeting from virtually any location.

Internet technology allows real-time, point-to-point communication or multicast communication from one sender to many receivers. Applications suited to audio and web conferencing include meetings with distant participants, training without travelling or presentations delivered from virtually any workstation. The University partners with InterCall to bring audio and web conferencing to MU departments.

Audio Conferencing through InterCall Reservationless-Plus

Reservationless-Plus audio conferencing lets you schedule or hold an ad hoc meeting for up to 125 participants. Other features include:

  • Always-on access: host your meeting without pre-scheduling
  • Toll-free number: for domestic meeting participants
  • Record meetings: for later review or download
  • Outlook Quick Parts: distribute your call details
  • Meet on the road: download the Mobile Assistant to join a meeting while away from your desk

Web Conferencing through InterCall Unified Meeting

Intercall Unified Meeting, combined with Reservationless-Plus, takes your audio conference to the next level and enables participants to dial into a web conference room. Features include:

  • Work from your computer: share presentations and other content and applications
  • Get talking: chat, survey and poll your Unified meeting attendees
  • Record meetings: for later review or download
  • Meet from your desk: use your own computer speaker and microphone, whether you are a meeting attendee or a meeting leader


InterCall Reservationless-Plus and Unified Meetings may be recorded for later review or download. The recording is invited as one of the participants at the beginning of the meeting.

  • The meeting owner is responsible for informing all meeting participants that a meeting is being recorded.
  • The meeting owner must ensure that all recordings are managed in accordance with the University's data security and records management requirements.

  • Audio pay-as-you-go: $0.0178 cents/minute per caller
  • Unlimited web usage: $9.99/month per owner account
  • Web pay-as-you-go: $0.06 cents/minute per web participant.
  • Computer audio will incur an additional $0.02 cents per minute per web participant.
  • Recording: $0.0178 cents/minute
  • Download recordings: $10/recording


  • MU
    • departments
  • MU Health Care
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  • UM System
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To get started with Audio and Web Conferencing through InterCall:

Set up a billing account for your department:

First, the department billing contact sets up a billing account. Contact the InterCall Account Representative. You will receive an InterCall account (Note: Idle account charges will be accrued on per minute accounts with no monthly activity per Intercall’s revised billing policy.) The billing contact will be responsible for approving new accounts for the department.

Department users request an InterCall account:

Next each individual who needs to host an audio or web conference will set up their own InterCall conference owner account. Sign up online. You will receive your account information once you are approved by your department billing contact.

Users may also manage your account online.

For additional assistance, contact Tech Support at 573.882.5000.

Support is available 24/7 from InterCall. Email or phone 800.374.2441.

Online help and training  is available:

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