Contact Center Services

Contact Center Services

Contact Center Services allows departments to automatically route incoming calls to one or several call agents across one or many locations. Service centers and help desks typically use these services to manage high volume call flows efficiently.

Call center services offer the ability to spread calls evenly among customer service representatives. With call center applications you can:
  • Process incoming calls more effectively
  • Reduce or eliminate abandoned calls (hang ups) by providing queue or announcements
  • Provide customers with a single telephone number
  • Determine how calls are distributed
  • Get a real-time view of phone traffic and agent performance
  • Receive reports that include but not limited to:
    • Call traffic statistics
    • Total number of calls answered
    • Number of calls abandoned (hang ups)
    • Agent statistics
You can also request phone recording for an additional fee.

Agent License: $45/month

Supervisor License: $75/month

Interactive Voice Response (IVR): $13/month

Reporting: Included with Supervisor License

Recording: $20/month

For UC individual pricing, see UC for Individuals.


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