IT Accessibility

Ergonomic Evaluations

If you are experiencing physical discomfort or just want reassurance that your workstation is set up properly, you can schedule an Ergonomic Evaluation performed by a Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist. By the end of the evaluation, you will understand:

  • How to measure your chair for your body type
  • How to position yourself at your desk for maximum comfort
  • The benefits of taking a break throughout the day

Proper ergonomic posture, whether sitting or standing, can help improve comfort, mood, energy and productivity throughout the day. Visit Components of a Healthy Workstation and Prevent Common Injuries to learn more about how to setup your workstation.

The Process:

An Ergonomic Evaluation is a 30- to 45-minute on-site evaluation performed by a Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist. During the evaluation you will be provided with:

  • A posture tips guide as a reference
  • A list of stretching exercises to do on your breaks
  • Recommendations for improving the setup of your workstation

A written summary of recommendations and resources can be emailed to you or your supervisor upon your request.

If you are interested in Evaluating your Workstation on your own, follow the sitting, standing and laptop tips to create a healthy workstation.

Equipment Loans

If you are interested in an ergonomic keyboard or mouse, the ACT Center has several models that we can loan you for a period of time so you can try before you buy.

Equipment Purchases

You are responsible for any purchases. If approved, purchases can be made through your department. Check out our Ergonomic Products Guide before purchasing any product.

To request an evaluation of your workstation, fill out and submit theErgonomic Evaluation Request form. An Ergonomics specialist will contact you within 48 hours to schedule an appointment.