IT Accessibility

Accessibility Consultations

A consultation with the IT Accessibility Center is required for students who have established the alternative format accommodation with the Disability Center. The purpose of the consultation is to determine the assistive technology software that will be most beneficial for reading, writing, and studying.

Assistive Technology Support

The IT Accessibility Center provides assistive technology support for persons with disabilities to effectively use their technology throughout their education and/or career at MU.

Accessibility Reviews

The IT Accessibility team conducts thorough evaluations to ensure websites, documents, and applications meet accessibility standards. Actionable feedback is provided to help create a more inclusive and user-friendly experience for everyone.

Accessibility Remediation and Alternative Text

Improve the inclusivity of digital content. IT Accessibility staff members can help identify and correct accessibility issues within documents, making sure they are ADA compliant and usable for everyone.

Free and Low Cost Tools

Looking for an app or software to help with something specific?  The IT Accessibility Center offers a list of free and low-cost tools in several categories to assist faculty, staff, and students. Specific software, supported by the Division of IT, is also listed as well as features within the Windows and Macintosh operating system. Check it out!

Ergonomic Evaluations

Experiencing neck, back or wrist pain? Create a comfortable workstation using a self-help guide or with the help of an Ergonomic Assessment Specialist. Learn about ergonomic furniture, monitor placement, lighting, and other key components that promote comfort and productivity.