IT Accessibility

Digital Accessibility Consultation

The IT Accessibility Center is dedicated to ensuring that digital content and products are accessible to individuals with diverse abilities through personalized one-on-one consultations. Here’s how we can assist you in determining the best approach for your needs:

  • Implementation Guidance: Receive expert guidance on incorporating digital accessibility standards like the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines into your digital experiences, along with a comprehensive action plan to ensure inclusivity.

  • Compliance Support: Assistance in achieving compliance with the Digital Accessibility Policy to meet regulatory requirements.

  • Accessibility Reviews: Thorough IT accessibility testing and detailed reports to identify areas for improvement, including evaluating third-party ICT products’ accessibility.

  • Prioritized Evaluation Reports: Accessibility Reviews include reports highlighting areas for improvement, ranked by importance, to streamline accessibility enhancement efforts.

  • Recommendations and Guidance: Tailored recommendations and technical guidance to ensure internal developments meet accessibility requirements.

  • Resource Suggestions: Recommendations for relevant accessibility resources covering issue resolution and remediation. Clients may be guided to suitable training resources.

Our services are available to faculty, staff, and IT professionals committed to enhancing digital accessibility, and they are provided at no cost.