IT Accessibility

Accessibility Reviews

The IT Accessibility team conducts thorough reviews of various digital products and services. This includes electronic documents, internal and external websites, digital platforms under consideration for purchase, and web and mobile applications. Accessibility specialists utilize a combination of automated tools, manual testing techniques, and specific assistive technology applications to assess the impact of technical and functional accessibility.

Accessibility Reviews are conducted to ensure compliance with accessibility standards and guidelines. They are tailored to cater to users with a spectrum of disabilities, encompassing visual, auditory, physical, and cognitive impairments.

Review Process

Typically, the process takes approximately two to four weeks to complete once assigned to specialist team members. The testing team may reach out to discuss the project, gather additional information as needed, and establish a timeline for review completion. Essential information may include:

  • the purpose or intended use of the product or service
  • the target user audience
  • any relevant accessibility documentation

Upon completion, an accessibility evaluation report will be provided, identifying specific accessibility barriers and offering recommendations for remediation, such as addressing missing alt text for images or non-semantic HTML. This report aims to provide clarity on the identified issues and outline steps for remediation to be implemented by the project team and third-party vendors.

Accessibility specialists are available to discuss the evaluation results and address any questions regarding accessibility and the remediation phase. This service is provided free of charge for all websites, applications, and mobile apps affiliated with MU, including third-party procurements.

Submit the Accessibility Review Request form through the Cherwell System to have a website, web application, mobile app or electronic document reviewed for accessibility.