IT Research Support Solutions


Our team priorities the development of the next generation of computing resources and is working to implement solutions to improve the research data ecosystem (storage, data management). This includes assisting researchers with getting the necessary tools and equipment when standard processes don’t fit. We help you build meaningful partnerships and advocate for the IT-related resources you need.


IT RSS can help with the following:

  • Access, training, software configuration, consultation and troubleshooting related to high performance computing.
  • Selection, setup and use of storage and data management resources.
  • Specialized system support for research for research-focused devices.
  • Specialty computing purchases, including servers, high-powered desktops, equipment, instruments and software.
  • Partnership and advocacy with researchers to expedite the acquisition of IT Resources.
  • Research security consulting.
  • Consultation, access and support for computing resources with restrictive requirements like the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s security requirements that protect controlled unclassified information in non-federal systems and organizations.
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  • Mark Bookout, Director
  • Matthew Keeler, Associate Director
  • Jennifer Nixon, Senior IT Manager
  • John Harrison, Advanced Computing Environment Manager
  • Jason Lockwood, Research Information Security Officer
  • Buddy Scharfenberg, System Administrator