IT Accessibility Center

Assistive Technology Support

The IT Accessibility Center provides assistive technology support for persons with disabilities to effectively use their technology throughout their education and/or career at MU.

Below are the components to successful use of technology in any environment:


It is important to explore your options when choosing assistive technology. Taking the time to meet with staff members who can assist you with finding a solution that will maximize you’re your access to MU services across campus. Assistive Technology Consultations address the concerns of all types of disabilities:

  • Vision
  • Learning
  • Mobility
  • Hearing

Appointments are confidential and can be scheduled in-person or on online.


Depending on the product, equipment, or application you are using, training is necessary to understand the features and capabilities to get the results you are looking for. Our staff can setup an in-person or online meeting to walk you through your exciting new tool.

Technical Assistance


The IT Accessibility office is a department within MU’s Division of Information Technology. Faculty and staff also can receive support from their department’s IT Professional. Your IT professional is able to provide support on a wide range of technologies available through the University.


Students who may need elevated technical support and/or are not able to make it to the IT Accessibility office can visit Tiger Tech, in the lower level of the MU Student Center. The Tiger Tech professionals can resolve many technology related issues. If they encounter an assistive technology related one, the professional may request assistance from the IT Accessibility center to rectify it.

Accessibility Support

One of the most important components using assistive technology is an accessible digital environment. In order for assistive technology to successfully interact with the online

landscape, websites, applications and digital documents (i.e. word documents, searchable PDFs, PowerPoints, etc.) the content must be accessible. Our staff provides in-depth testing and remediation services. We collaborate with the Disability Center and the Office of ADA to ensure individuals with disabilities have the access to the resources they need to be successful. If you discover that you are encountering difficulties with online accessibility, please email