IT Accessibility Center

Alternative Text Format Consultation

A consultation with the IT Accessibility Center is required for students who have established the alternative format accommodation with the Disability Center. The purpose of the consultation is to determine the most beneficial assistive technology and digital format for you. You will also learn how to access your digital textbook from the Alternative Formats web page.

The consultation involves the following:

  • Goals and challenges you face with studying.
  • Exploration of software available at MU.
  • Recommendation and demonstration of the software
  • Instructions on how to request and access your digital textbooks.

If you are a new student and recently established your alternative text format accommodation, it is your responsibility to schedule a visit with the IT Accessibility Center by calling (573) 884-2828 or emailing the

Appointments can be scheduled in-person or online (Zoom).

Although registration with the Disability Center is required each semester, this consultation is only required once, unless the software is not working for you. You can always make another appointment to explore other software.

We want to ensure your course materials are accessible and in the right format for you.

There is no fee associated with this service.