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Email Address Personalization


Faculty, staff and students may choose for an additional, personalized email address to be associated with their email account. The personalized address is based on the user’s name and may be easier to remember and share with others. Original, username-based email address ( or will continue to work and accounts receive messages sent to both addresses.


A personalized email address is an additional email address, not a new username. Think of it like a nickname or an alias for the email account. Usernames and passwords do not change when setting up a personalized email address. Continue to use the same username and password to log in to technology, including email, computer labs, Canvas and other systems.

Users can choose from a list of available auto-generated options based on their name (first name, middle initial, last name). Each email account can only have one personalized email address.

Personalized email address are not case-sensitive (even if letters are capitalized in the list of options). Once established, personalized email addresses may take up to an hour to go into effect. The “friendly-from” name for the email account will not change (e.g., “Tiger, Truman (MU-Student)”), but the email listed in the university directory will reflect the personalized address (e.g., “”).

When Not To Personalize

Students and FERPA: Students cannot have a personalized email address if they asserted Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). By asserting FERPA, the university is required to withhold directory information, including email accounts. If a student already has a personalized email address and later asserts FERPA, the personalized email address will be automatically removed within 24-48 hours without notice and any mail sent to the personalized address will not be delivered.

Existing Zoom account: For faculty, staff and students who already have an existing Zoom account, establishing a personalized email address will impact your ability to access your existing account (to have your account updated and restored, contact Missouri Online). New users who set up their personalized email address prior to their Zoom account are unaffected.

Name Changes

Personalized email address options are based on the user’s name. After HR processes a legal or preferred name change and the name is reflected in PeopleSoft HR (software behind myZou and/or myHR), updated personalized email address options will be available.

Users who already have a personalized email address need to remove the personalized email address before configuring a new one.

Name changes – Once a name change (legal change or preferred name) has been updated in the PeopleSoft system (myZou or HR), new personalized email options will be available. If a user had previously selected a personalized email

  • If you have had a name change and would like an additional email address based on your updated name, please ensure your name has been updated in PeopleSoft (myZou or myHR). After PeopleSoft has been updated, please contact Tech Support at 573.882.5000.
  • Remove Personalized Email Address · If you would like to remove your personalized email address, please contact Tech Support at 573.882.5000.
  • Choosing a personalized email address might cause issues with posting messages to on-campus or off-campus lists. Your new address may not be allowed to send to a listserv after enabling your new personalized email address. Unsubscribing and then resubscribing using your new address should fix this problem. Your ability to receive postings from the listserv should not be affected.
How it Works

On the Personalize Email Address page, you will see Personalized Email Address Terms.

Please read the following terms before proceeding to personalize your MU email address:

  • If you have asserted (or in the future choose to assert) the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), you are not eligible for a personalized email address. If you have already set up a personalized address, it will be removed without notice upon your assertion of FERPA.
  • Creating a personalized email address may cause problems with some listservs to which you subscribe. You might need to unsubscribe and resubscribe to lists.
  • To Personalize Your Email Address ·
  • Log in to the Authoritative Identity Management System (AIMS) with your university Username and Password to manage your account.
  • Follow the directions to establish a personalized email address. It may take up to one hour before the personalized email goes into effect.

Once completed, emails you send will be received from your new address.