Email & Collaboration

Central Fax

Division of IT offers a cloud-based fax solution that can replace stand-alone fax machines, analog phone lines and postal mail. Faxing directly from your inbox eliminates the need for consumables like paper and toner and reduces risk by ensuring documents do not sit on fax machines in public areas.

Central Fax Service provides the following benefits to departments:

  • Efficiency and productivity: send and receive faxes directly from your inbox.
  • Savings: eliminate phone lines and stand-alone fax machines, reduce paper and supply costs.
  • Security: secure document delivery and information exchange.
  • Compliant: We use the Fax2Mail system which has been assessed and approved for use with DCL4 data. However, Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards require using traditional fax lines when transmitting PCI data.

Note: Central Fax Service is not a document management system. Faxes are delivered to email and should be managed in accordance with the University records retention policy.

The cost for faxing capability is $2.00 per number per month. Departments will also pay a usage rate of $.0341 per page.

In addition, there is a cost of $.0008 per retry. After the initial attempt, the system will automatically retry to send the fax a maximum of three more times.