Unified Communications

Beginning Spring 2016, the Division of IT will replace the existing phone system with a new Unified Communications Service for MU campus and UM Health System.

What is Unified Communications (UC)?

More than a basic phone system, UC seamlessly unifies desk and mobile phones, instant messaging, voicemail, presence information, and audio, video, and web conferencing.


ip-phonesIP Phones

Enjoy superior voice communications with a next-generation IP phone.


See real-time availability of users.

instant-messagingInstant Messaging

Chat securely and privately.

voice-messagingVoice Messaging

Browse messages from a visual interface or retrieve voicemail audio files via email.

contact-centerContact Center

Automatically route customers to the most appropriate resource.


Collaborate through audio, video, and web conferencing.


Connect anytime, anywhere, on nearly any device.

business-integrationBusiness Integration

Initiate communications from within applications (like MS Office).

Why is Unified Communications Important?

Our current voice communications infrastructure is nearing, and in some cases, has reached its end of life. It also lacks the modern capabilities that are required and expected for future business needs. This new, interconnected suite of voice, data, and video applications is specifically designed to help university employees communicate more effectively. Here are three main benefits you can expect from Unified Communications:

  1. Mobility—Access your communication tools from anywhere, anytime, on nearly any device.
  2. Productivity—Locate information and people quickly.
  3. Flexibility—Communicate and collaborate effectively wherever you are.

Unified Communications Update

March 24 — In spring of 2016, the University of Missouri campus and Health System welcomed a new unified communications (UC) service to replace the preexisting phone system. Although the entire project isn’t scheduled for completion until the end of 2018, the UC team has replaced 25-30% of the phones.

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Unified Communications Schedule

Dec. 7 — This is a tentative timeline that could change, depending on any issues we encounter during deployment, testing, and migration:

Project Schedule

Date & Time: Building: Status:
December 13, 2016 University Physicians Medical Building (phase 3) Completed
December 20, 2016 Student Center, Brady Commons Completed
January 4, 2017 Jesse Hall - 1 Completed
January 10, 2017 Jesse Hall - 2 Completed
January 12, 2017 Women's and Children's Hospital - Cleanup 1 Completed
January 19, 2017 Aspen Medical Park Completed
January 19, 2017 Keene ENT Completed
January 24, 2017 S. Providence Medical Building, 2nd Floor Completed
January 31, 2017 Mizzou Quick Care - Broadway Completed
January 31, 2017 MIzzou Quick Care - Conley Completed
January 31, 2017 Mizzou Quick Care - Nifong Completed
January 31, 2017 S. Providence Medical Building, 1st Floor Completed
February 7, 2017 Clydesdale Hall Completed
February 7, 2017 Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory 1  Completed
February 16, 2017 General Services Building Completed
February 21, 2017 Conley Avenue Parking Garage Completed
February 21, 2017 Reynolds Alumni Center  Completed
February 23, 2017 School of Medicine - PCCL Center Expansion Completed
February 28, 2017 Naka Hall (Engineering Building West) Completed
March 28, 2017 Heinkel Building Completed
March 28, 2017 Hill Hall Completed
April 4, 2017 Allton Building Completed
April 4, 2017 Mizzou North Completed
April 11, 2017 Old Alumni Center Completed
April 11, 2017 University Hall Completed
April 25, 2017 Woodrail Building #2 Completed
April 25, 2017 Woodrail Building #3 Completed
April 25, 2017 Woodrail Building #5 Completed
April 25, 2017 Woodrail Building #7 Completed
May 2, 2017 Lewis Hall/Clark Hall – Phase 1 Scheduled
May 4, 2017 Lewis Hall/Clark Hall – Phase 2 Scheduled
May 16, 2017 Engineering Building North Scheduled
May 16, 2017 Lafferre Hall Scheduled
May 23, 2017 Green Building Scheduled
May 23, 2017 Health South–Rusk Rehab Center Scheduled
May 23, 2017 KOMU-TV Scheduled
May 23, 2017 Mizzou Therapy–Rangeline Scheduled
Jun 6, 2017 Parking Structure #7 Scheduled
Jun 6, 2017 Pershing Dining Hall Scheduled
Jun 6, 2017 Plaza 900 Scheduled