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Adobe Acrobat Sign

Adobe Acrobat Sign is the UM System Enterprise electronic signature (e-signature) service.  It is legally binding and complies with many federal regulations.

Adobe Acrobat Sign is a bill back service and requires enrollment for anyone sending documents out for e-signature collection.  Each user’s annual number of transactions will be calculated, and the department will be billed back based on usage.  In 2023, the cost was $3/transaction.

Users who only sign documents generally do not require an account.

Request an Adobe Acrobat Sign Account

Users that plan on sending documents via Adobe Acrobat Sign will need to request an account.  Turnaround for new user requests is usually within three workdays.

HIPAA and Data Classification Level 1-3 use cases are generally approved.  If you have any questions on Data Classification Level 4 use cases, please contact your campus Information Security Officer. If you are unsure of what classification your data is, visit the Data Classification Definitions page for more information.

To request an Adobe Acrobat Sign account, please have a department bill back code ready.   Then do the following:

  1. Browse to
  2. Under MU, select Division of IT.
  3. Select Log In to the DoIT Service Portal and log in.
  4. Select the blue Request Services box.
  5. In the search window with the blue spyglass, type in Adobe Sign.
  6. Select the Request Adobe Sign Access link, fill it out and submit.

Adobe Acrobat Sign Guides and Adobe Acrobat Sign Training Recordings:

  1. Adobe Guides: Getting Started with Adobe Sign
  2. Live Training Session 1: Acrobat Sign Fundamentals
  3. Live Training Session 3: Advanced: Webforms and Workflows
  4. Live Training Session 4: Acrobat Sign Fundamentals
  5. Live Training Sesssion 5: Templates & Workflows

e-signature: Electronic Signature that is legally admissible in court and can be used to enforce contracts. They include signature tracking and are configured to comply with many regulations.

e-signature sender: Prepares documents in the e-signature system and sends them out to collect signatures.

e-signature signer: Receives a notification that they need to sign an e-signature document.

MU Healthcare Workforce Member: Includes SOM, SON, SOHS and other clinics associated with MUHC.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Can I get a feel of what it will be like to use Adobe Acrobat Sign?
    Visit the Adobe Acrobat Sign getting started page to learn more about how Adobe Acrobat Sign works.
  2. What is the cost per Adobe Acrobat Sign transaction?
    The cost was $3/transaction in 2023.  A transaction consists of one or more documents sent to the same group of signers to collect their e-signatures.
  3. If I only sign documents, will I need to sign up for an Adobe Acrobat Sign account?
    NO.  The signer generally does not need an Adobe Acrobat Sign account.  The rare exception occurs when the sender requires an additional layer of user authentication.
  4. Is Adobe Acrobat Sign approved for MU Healthcare Workforce Members (includes, SOM, SON, SOHS, and other clinics associated with MUHC)?
    YES.  Individuals that may be sending Protected Health Information (PHI) will need to select that option when signing up for the service.  There are some additional requirements for MU Healthcare Workforce Member PHI senders.
  5. Is Adobe Acrobat Sign HIPAA compliant?
    YES.  The UM System Enterprise offering of Adobe Acrobat Sign has been declared HIPAA compliant by the Chief Information Security Officers of each campus and by Adobe.
  6. Is Adobe Acrobat Sign 21 CFR Part 11 FDA Compliant?
    UM System research committees are currently reviewing Adobe Acrobat Sign, RedCap and other software options that have the potential to be 21 CFR Part 11 compliant. Once a final decision is made, we will update this information.
  7. If I have an Adobe Creative Cloud License, can I automatically use Adobe Acrobat Sign?
    NO.  Adobe Acrobat Sign is a separate license. You will need to fill out a Cherwell request as described in the Request an Adobe Acrobat Sign Account section.
  8. Do I need Adobe Acrobat Creative Cloud license to send documents using Adobe Acrobat Sign?
    NO.  You only need an Adobe Acrobat Sign account, which allows you to complete your e-signature work with the Adobe Acrobat Sign website.
  9. What Data Classification Level (DCL) is Adobe Acrobat Sign?
    Adobe Acrobat Sign meets Data Classification 3 requirements.  Please contact your campus Information Security Office to discuss any Adobe Acrobat Sign use case that falls under DCL4.
  10. Someone sent me a document from DocuSign (or other e-signature service).  Can I sign it?
    YES.  Even though Adobe Acrobat Sign is the official UM System e-signature tool, you can still sign other e-signature service documents.
    1. Verify the signing request
      Follow all normal email security protocols. Carefully read the email and make sure you were expecting an e-signature document from that sender.  If you have concerns about the e-signature request, contact the person you expected to send the request or your campus Information Security Office.
    2. The signing request was verified
      Read the email and follow the directions.  In most cases you will select a link which takes you to a signing page.  If that doesn’t work, contact
  11. Whom may I contact with additional questions about Adobe Acrobat Sign?
    Please email the Enterprise Workflow Applications team at with the subject line that starts with Adobe Acrobat Sign Question.