Computer Purchase

Dell Premiere Partnership

The University and Dell Inc. offer the Dell Premier Partnership to MU students, faculty, and staff. This partnership allows the MU community to take advantage of special discount pricing on Dell laptop and desktop computers. For personal purchases, please visit the Dell Premier Online Portal website.

  • Discount prices
  • Online shopping
  • Several Dell model configurations (laptop or desktop)
  • Delivery to departments
  • Three-year warranty
  • Next-business-day repair response time
  • Prices extended to MU students, faculty, and staff
Dell Premier Partnership FAQ

What is the Dell Premier Partnership?

MU departments may purchase, at significant discounts, any of the laptop or desktop configurations, customized for MU. The Dell Premier Partnership offers three major benefits:

  1. Reduced acquisition costs: Contract pricing allows for additional discounts when purchases are aggregated. If volume is exceeded in any annual term, the University and Dell will renegotiate pricing.
  2. Reduced total cost of ownership: The desktop standardization program promotes a total cost of ownership perspective and further reduces the University’s overall hardware costs. Standard configurations will accommodate basic to advanced users. The total cost of ownership components include:
    1. Repair service options that include on-site, next business day repair.
    2. Certified disposal of obsolete hardware in accordance with state and federal regulations.
    3. Access to Dell Premier support for Dell certified IT experts.
  3. Simplified ordering process: Reduced lead time by ordering standard hardware configurations designed specifically for the University from a Dell website.

Who can purchase from this agreement?

Departmental IT Pros can order Dell hardware for their department right away. This agreement extends to University faculty, staff, and students. Ordering information is available from Dell Volume Purchase Agreement (VPA).

How should I communicate the contract parameters to the group that I support?

MU Procurement Services will answer any questions regarding the contract. Visit Dell VPA for more information.

How do I obtain updates on Dell systems and the direction of technology?

Dell will provide on-campus sessions to outline product strategy with departmental IT Pros.

How and when can the standards be altered?

The standards will be re-evaluated every three months by the UM Standards Committee, and the Procurement Office will enlist the input of IT experts across campus.

How do I place an order?

There are several ways to order via the Dell Premier Partnership:

  1. Use your MU purchasing card for special orders under $5,000.
  2. Prepare a requisition in PeopleSoft for Procurement to issue a purchase order for special orders over $5,000.

How do I purchase an item that is not specifically listed on the web page?

On the Dell Premier Page, view Software & Peripherals. These items are available for purchase with an MU purchasing card or via the requisition/purchase order process in PeopleSoft.

What is the support process from Dell?

The bulk of support should occur via Premier Access. Enrollment and certification information will be provided.

How do I become eligible for Premier support?

Visit Dell Premier Access for more information.

Who is my contact person within Dell?

Dell contact information is available from Dell VPA. Select the Contact List from the Contact drop-down menu. First-time users must set up a Dell profile.

What are my options for support?

Pricing for the standard desktop configurations includes a three-year warranty with next-business-day service. Standard laptop systems include a three-year warranty and Complete Care with next-business-day service.

What is Complete Care?

Dell Complete Care protects machines against any accidental damage.

How do I obtain reimbursement for service?

The reimbursement will arrive via check to the organization(s) listed as “Level 2” centers. The Division of IT has a Level 2 contract with Dell.

Dell Contact Information

For the latest Dell information, visit the Dell, Inc. website.