Division of IT: ID Cards

ID Cards

ID Card Office

Fax (573)882-5116
MU Student Center
(inside The Mizzou Store)
911 E. Rollins St.
Columbia, MO 65211


Mon–Fri 8 a.m.–5 p.m.
(closed on weekends and all University holidays)

Help! I've lost my TigerCard!

Log into ecard.missouri.edu and deactivate your card immediately.

Helpful information:

  • Students who live in a res hall with a kiosk will be able to get a temporary card at the kiosk.
  • Students who live in a res hall without a kiosk should have keys to get into their res hall rooms.
  • Any student locked out of the res hall, especially at night, should phone the "call-out cell phone numbers" posted on res hall doors or MUPD.
  • Students needing to make purchases at The Mizzou Store should be able to show their driver's license or passport and provide their student number to the cashier, to complete their purchase.
  • Students who want to use EZ Charge and don't have their ID card will have to use an alternate form of payment.

Student TigerCard

All new students receive their first Mizzou TigerCard at no charge. Your TigerCard has many uses, including purchasing, so take care of it! Learn more...

Faculty/Staff TigerCard

The Mizzou TigerCard is the University's official identification card to be used for departmental badges as well as access to certain privileges and services. Learn more...

MU eCard

MU eCard is an online tool to manage your Mizzou TigerCard account. Sign up for MU eCard to view campus purchases, report a lost or stolen card and authorize guest users to make deposts into your account. Learn more...

Disable Lost or Stolen Cards Immediately!

Logon to eCard.missouri.edu and disable your card. If you have trouble logging in, call the IT Help Desk at (573)882-5000.

  • Residence hall access: call (573)882-4440; (573)693-9707 after hours.
  • Mizzou Store charge: call (573)882-2159 and ask The Mizzou Store to disable charge capabilities.
  • Building access: contact the building coordinator for your department to obtain a temporary card for access.
  • Mizzou Rec Center: December 25 - January 1 only: Report the loss formally via email; the membership office will respond with instructions.

ID Scanning Equipment

The Division of Information Technology offers ID solutions for access control, student charge options, customer verification and identification, point of sale solutions and time management. Learn more...