Division of IT

User Accounts

A UserID (also referred to as a Single Sign-On or SSO ID) is the ID needed to access most MU technology resources.

Account Creation & Activation

All University faculty, staff, and students are provided with a UserID. Depending on your relationship with the University, the creation process will vary.

Account Eligibility

Your UserID is used for most University resources. In order to be eligible for a UserID you must meet at least one of the following conditions: be enrolled as a student currently or admitted as a student for a future semester; employed as a faculty or staff member; have retiree status; or be a documented exception.

Account Expiration

Account access to most University resources will terminate once you no longer meet the University's eligibility requirements.

Account Maintenance

Properly managing your account is one of the most basic security measures you can take. Learn more about changing or resetting your password and how to enroll in the University's Emergency Mass Notification Service in the event of an emergency or disaster.