VoIP Quick Start Guide

This page provides quick-start instructions for setting up your VoIP phone for the first time. Please see the VoIP phone equipment page for hardware guides and quick reference cards for your particular phone model.

Step 1: Plug in Your New VoIP Phone

Once you receive your phone, connect it to an active data port, referencing the appropriate guide for setting up your phone.

Step 2: Log into the VoIP Web Portal

The link above will open a new window. Log in with your 10-digit phone number (beginning with 573), followed by @missouri.edu. Use the temporary password provided to you. The first time you log in, you’ll be asked to set a new password. After logging into the web portal, make certain to configure your call forward not reachable route. For more information about the web portal login procedure and instructions on configuring your call forward not reachable route, please refer to the KnowledgeBase article How to: Use the VoIP Web Portal.

Step 3 (optional): Set up Voicemail

If this is a new line and you have subscribed to the voicemail service, you may now set up the service using your phone. Follow the instructions on the Division of IT website on Setting up Voicemail Services.