‘Tis the Season – Beware that Phone Offer!

There have been recent incidents in mid-Missouri of “scammers” posing as technicians from a company (such as Microsoft) calling to offer you help with your computer. In reality, their only goal is to try to deceive you into providing your password or credit card information. These criminals use “social engineering” tactics to coerce their victim into providing personal information. Technology cannot protect you from being a victim of a social engineering scam; self-awareness is your best defense.

Thieves may use a combination of the following techniques to obtain your information:

  • Request your password directly or capture it by guiding you to a fictitious website where you are asked to log in with your credentials.
  • Ask for your credit card information in exchange for software licenses or other services, which are not real.
  • Send you to a website and instruct you to install “software,” which often turns out to be malicious malware.
  • Ask for remote access to your device so they can ‘assist’ you with operating system issues while secretly collecting personal data and files from it.

For more information see Central Fax Service.

Nov. 18, 2013