Microsoft BitLocker Encryption Now Available

Using full disk encryption helps protect data by encrypting a laptop or desktop computer’s entire hard drive, as well as external hard drives and thumb drives. This feature provides assurance that in the event that a PC is lost or stolen, unauthorized access to the data is minimized.

Full disk encryption is strongly recommended for Data Classification Level (DCL) 3 and 4 data because any unauthorized disclosure would likely cause serious consequences for the University community.

DCL3 and DCL4 data includes information like:

  • Student or personnel information (other than directory information)
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Protected Health Information (PHI)
  • eCommerce or Payment Card Industry (PCI)

Look for more information about data classification levels on the UM InfoSec site.

Microsoft BitLocker is available at no charge for University equipment. Contact your departmental IT Pro to begin service.

Jan. 15, 2013