ISAM Saluted by SAC

MU’s Staff Advisory Council recently saluted the Division of Information Technology’s Information Security & Access Management team as the unsung heroes behind safe computing at Mizzou.

The ISAM Team’s primary mission is to manage accounts and provide support for campus information security, but that doesn’t even begin to describe the full measure of services they routinely offer.

ISAM runs an operations center that responds to requests from users and division IT pros, handles thousands of routine account transactions each semester, monitors the status of accounts for authorized use, scans MU computer systems for vulnerabilities, and provides forensic analysis when a computer-related violation occurs.

In addition, at the beginning of the fall semester this year, they provided almost a full 40 hours of volunteer support over a two-week period to assist Tiger Tech and the Help Desk in connecting new students to Mizzou Wireless and student email.

ISAM routinely works behind the scenes evaluating new products and systems to constantly improve the Mizzou IT infrastructure and yet still makes time to reach out through programs like Make IT Safe to educate users and help IT professionals at the division level ensure that appropriate steps are taken to safeguard electronic data. Frequently this is a thankless job, as the only time it draws attention is if it is not done correctly.

This salute is timely as October is National Cyber Security Awareness month. The Division of IT is hosting a series of free workshops to educate MU faculty, staff and students on computer and information security at work and at home.

ISAM is one of the Mizzou campus’s unsung heroes primarily because they do their job thoroughly and behind the scenes, allowing the rest of us to do our jobs securely, safely and without concern or knowledge of the pitfalls lurking in the background.

Oct. 14, 2013