DoIT Mudder Truckers

Several members of the Division’s Systems & Operations/Telecom team, plus a few gullible family members and a technology vendor, ran a Tough Mudder course on Oct. 12, 2014.

Tough Mudder is an endurance event which challenges participants to attempt a long distance, military-style obstacle course. Teamwork, camaraderie throughout the course, and group participation drive participants to put teammates before temselves and overcome fears.

The Mudder Truckers team was all about teamwork! They agreed to “start together, finish together” and focused on supporting each other throughout the race. All ten finished and beat the average 22% drop out rate averaged by Tough Mudder teams.

Why did they do it? Jason Lockwood, manager for DoIT, summed up their experience: “…throughout this process you get to know one another on a much more personal level…if a team member is there to take your hand and lift you onto a mud-slicked platform…or dive into 35 degree ice water with you…when they are just as cold, wet, and tired as you are you know that they have your back in the office.” So while the individual participants came from different operational groups, the teams regularly work together supporting the computer and telecom infrastructure for the University of Missouri, including email, e-commerce applications, data center services, and telecommunications.

This dedicated group is already planning to race next year and would love to increase their team size to 20 or more!

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Oct. 24, 2014