Telecommunications Consulting

Telecom/IT Analysts provide consultation and order-processing support for telecommunications products and services offered by the Division of IT. Telecom/IT Analysts help identify products and services that fit both individual and departmental needs as well as ensure customers are using existing products and services efficiently. Please contact Tech Support at 573.882.5000 if you need assistance.

Information Technology Procurement

As part of the selection process, vendors must demonstrate compliance with the University of Missouri IT Security requirements. A consultation with ISAM is required to customize requirements and to ensure the appropriate security requirements are met. Vendor responses will be reviewed and remediation measures may be suggested for any areas that fall short of the minimum security criteria. Email ISAM for more information.

Research Support Consulting

Individual one-on-one consulting is available to provide support for all phases of problem evolution from inception to final results. This can include software recommendations, formulation of a problem, or optimization of a single processor performance, as well as communications support. UMBC Support is staffed by experienced consultants who can answer technical questions about all aspects of using RSC/UMBC systems.

Server and Administration Services Consulting

The Division of Information Technology offers departments (and in some cases individual students, faculty, and staff) many options for data storage, web and database hosting, server management, and backup. A consultant from the Server and Administration Services team will work with you to help determine what services best meet your needs and to help facilitate changes to your existing services, such as changes in storage space and memory allocations. Please contact CSG through the Server and Administration Services consultation request form.