SharePoint 2016 Frequently Asked Questions

The following are frequently asked questions about the SharePoint 2016 migration. As the project progresses, we will add more FAQs.

Last year, we were going to migrate to SharePoint Online in the cloud. What happened?

That is correct.  As were preparing for the technical migration, we encountered a major technical roadblock.  Without getting into details, it is an issue of how we share directory information with Microsoft Office 365 (O365) in the cloud.

So are we now ready to go to the cloud?

No, not yet.  Instead, we are going to implement an alternative.  Our IT friends at UMSL are now in the process of implementing SharePoint 2016 on campus.  (Note: we use SharePoint 2010.)  Using high-speed Internet links, they will host our site collections there.

When will we migrate to UMSL’s SharePoint 2016?

We expect the migration to begin in early 2019. We are working on the project plan now to firm up dates.

How do we prepare for the migration?

You probably did a lot already.  See the Pre-migration of Site Collection information here. In general, you need to clean old content consistent with University of Missouri records retention policies.  Alternatively, you might consider using a different collaboration platform, like Box, and avoid migrating at all.

Is training available for SharePoint 2016?

Yes. UM System’s MyLearn and other libraries across the state offer on-line courses, and in the case of MyLearn, books.  (Note:  Daniel Boone Library requires a library card.)  Details below:

MyLearn Videos:

  • Content Types, Workflows, Calendar, and Office Applications in SharePoint
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2016 for iOS: Collaborating
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2016 for iOS:  Blogging
  • Document Sets, Alerts, Site Pages, and Web Parts in SharePoint 2016
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2016 for iOS: Signing In and Navigating
  • Social Networking and Collaboration in SharePoint 2016

MyLearn Books:

  • SharePoint 2016 for Dummies
  • SharePoint 2016 User’s Guide: Learning Microsoft’s Business Collaboration Platform, 5th Ed

Daniel Boone Regional Library (

  • Understand SharePoint 2016 products
  • SharePoint 2016: Branding SharePoint Sites
  • Learning SharePoint 2016
  • SharePoint 2016 Essential Training

If a site collection is using workflows, content types, specialized development, will any of this be available once our site is migrated?

If you have customized your site using SharePoint Designer or other development tools, contact Terry Robb at or Lisa Elliott at to set up a consultation. You will need to test these before migration.

Is there a charge for SharePoint 2016?

Yes.  UMSL will calculate a new rate as part of the project.

I have a question/suggestion in general about the migration. To whom should I address it?

Terry Robb at or Wayne North at