UMSL SharePoint Shared Service Frequently Asked Questions

The following are frequently asked questions about the SharePoint 2016 migration.

When will we migrate to UMSL’s SharePoint 2016?

We expect to start the migration in May 2019. UMSL SharePoint professionals have drawn up a list of site collections to migrate.  They’ll first start with simple sites and progressively migrate the more complicated sites.  This will take several weeks.  Approximately one week before your migration, UMSL will notify you to be prepared.

What if we can’t migrate on the date selected?

Contact the UMSL SharePoint professional to arrange for a different time.

How long does it take to migrate?

It’s hard to say.  It depends on the complexity of your site.  In any case, site moves will usually occur overnight.

What do I do after the migration is complete?

Check to ensure your content is intact.  You will still have read-only access to SharePoint 2010. We won’t delete SharePoint 2010 content until you are satisfied that everything has moved.

If my site collection uses workflows, content types, or specialized development, will any of this be available once our site is migrated?

Yes, in most cases.  If there is an incompatibility between versions, the UMSL SharePoint professional will identify it as part of the migration, and suggest a work-around.

Is training available for SharePoint 2016?

Yes. UM System’s MyLearn and Columbia’s Daniel Boone Regional Library offer on-line courses, and in the case of MyLearn, books.  (Note:  Daniel Boone Library requires a library card; for those of you in Kansas City or Rolla, check with your local library.)  Details below:

MyLearn Videos:

  • Content Types, Workflows, Calendar, and Office Applications in SharePoint
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2016 for iOS: Collaborating
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2016 for iOS:  Blogging
  • Document Sets, Alerts, Site Pages, and Web Parts in SharePoint 2016
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2016 for iOS: Signing In and Navigating
  • Social Networking and Collaboration in SharePoint 2016

MyLearn Books:

  • SharePoint 2016 for Dummies
  • SharePoint 2016 User’s Guide: Learning Microsoft’s Business Collaboration Platform, 5th Ed

Daniel Boone Regional Library (

  • Understand SharePoint 2016 products
  • SharePoint 2016: Branding SharePoint Sites
  • Learning SharePoint 2016
  • SharePoint 2016 Essential Training

I have a question/suggestion in general about the migration. To whom should I address it?

At UMKC:  Mary Lackamp or Maury Brown at

UMSL Project Manager:  Wayne North at

Communications:  Terry Robb at