Training Credly Badges

Digital Badges

DoIT Training is now issuing digital badges to award non-academic credit for training courses. Badges can supplement grades, resumés and other certifications to paint a more comprehensive picture of an individual’s experience. DoIT Training’s badges provide evidence of learning and what it involves, giving learners tangible recognition they can carry with them and share with others. Most classes are 90 minutes long, so all badges represent at least 3 hours of hands-on learning on the topic.

How does the badge system work for you?

DoIT Training’s badges are managed using the Credly system, a digital credential and badge service. Participants can display their badges in their portfolios, on resumés, and share them on social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

When a badge is awarded, the badge earner receives an email that displays the digital badge along with an invitation to save and share it. The first time this happens, the badge earner will need to set up a free Credly account to host the badge, but they will then have the ability to fully manage their badges, including how they are exported and where they are displayed.

Previous programs:


Dreamweaver CC

  • Introduction
  • Images & Links
  • CSS Basics
  • HTML Newsletters

Illustrator CC

  • Essentials Badge
    • Introduction & Shapes
    • Line Tools & Layers
    • Pen & Pencil Tools
    • Text & Color

InDesign CC

  • Essentials Badge
    • Introduction
    • Basic Typesetting
    • Masters & Text Editing
    • Editing & Publishing

Photoshop CC

  • Essentials Badge
    • Introduction
    • Layers & Styles
    • Size & Color
    • Changing Color

Microsoft Office


  • Essentials Badge
    • Fields & Tables
    • Queries
    • Forms
    • Reports
    • Macros & Data
    • Customization & Charts


  • Essentials Badge
    • Excel Introduction
    • Excel Formatting
    • Excel Worksheets
    • Excel Functions
  • Pro Badge
    • Excel Macros & Analytics
    • Excel Charts & Graphics
    • Excel Data Management & Importing


  • Essentials Badge
    • Divide & Conquer Your Inbox
    • Taking Control of Your Calendar


  • Essentials Badge
    • Design & Shapes
    • Customization & Animation
    • Presentation Strategy



  • Essentials Badge
    • iPad for Work (or University)
    • Getting to Know Your Mac


  • Essentials Badge
    • Introduction & Basic Tags
    • Styling & Publishing
    • Links & Graphics
    • Lists & Layout Structure
    • Tables


  • Essentials Badge
    • Qualtrics Introduction
    • Qualtrics Advanced

Web Design

  • Essentials Badge
    • Web Design
    • HTML 5 & CSS Introduction & Basic Tags