IT Jungle Tutorials

Find Your Way through the IT Jungle tutorial

Are you a new or not-so-new non-IT staff member? If you are, this tutorial is for you. The following lessons will orient you to the University’s technology options, services, and resources. The questions below each lesson are answered in the lesson. For those using screen readers, get transcripts of this tutorial.

Note: These tutorials are best used on devices with a mouse. Some of the interactive elements will not work on tablets and smart phones.

Introduction – Division of IT overview

Lesson 1 – Division of IT Policies

  • What are the requirements of the Division of IT’s Acceptable Use Policy?
  • What may happen if you violate the Acceptable Use Policy?
  • What is the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)?
  • What may happen if you violate the DMCA?
  • What is the University’s policy about mass email?
  • What may happen if you violate the mass email policy?

Lesson 2 – Safe Computing

  • What are the goals of the IT security program?
  • What are the steps you must take to keep your computer and data secure?

Lesson 3 – Password Management

  • What is a Username?
  • How do you create a strong password that is easy to remember?
  • How do you change or reset your password?
  • What is the Emergency Mass Notification System (EMNS)?

Lesson 4 – Basic Rules on Computer and Software Use

  • What are the Division of IT’s hardware and software recommendations?
  • What are the Division of IT’s recommendations for maintaining your software?
  • What are the policies on file management (e.g., where to save my files)?
  • How do you remotely access University-specific resources?
  • How do you connect to the wireless network for the MU campus?

Lesson 5 – Technical Support and Software Training

  • What are the options for getting technical support?
  • What training is available for software applications?

Lesson 6 – University Email

  • How do you access your University email account?
  • What is the mailbox size limit and how do you keep from reaching the limit?
  • Where are email folders stored and which ones are automatically backed up?
  • How do you manage email records?
  • What is the Outlook Address Book and which lists will you commonly use?
  • What is the University’s policy on mass email?

Lesson 7 – Phone Service

  • What types of phones are available?
  • How do you get familiar with your phone’s features?
  • How do you set up your voicemail?
  • What services are available for long-distance calls?
  • What are some Telecom policies that I should be familiar with?
  • What other telecommunication services are available?
  • What are the options for service and support?

Lesson 8 – Division of IT Discounts and Free Offers

  • What Division of IT discounts and free offers are available to University staff members?