Administrative Professionals Week

April 25 – April 27

Learn new skills that make work faster and easier! IT Training is hosting a week of productivity classes from April 25-27, just for you. Classes include: Outlook time savers, classes on going paperless (Qualtrics Forms, iPad, Box), and Excel. All classes for this event will be held in room 25, Arts & Science Building (A&S). Click on any class name to register.

Tuesday 4/25 Wednesday 4/26 Thursday 4/27
8:30 AM Qualtrics Introduction iPad Apps for Productivity Excel Worksheets (Testout to skip Excel 2)
10:30 AM Box
Noon Lunch
1:00 PM Outlook 2016: Divide & Conquer your Inbox No Class Outlook 2016: Taking Control of your Calendar
3:00 PM

PowerShell Training

May 18 – 19

Josh Rickard will be conducting a free PowerShell training course at the University of Missouri – Columbia’s Veterinary School of Medicine, W240 Vet Med building. This information will be presented over two 4 hour sessions. Parking is provided in designated area. Wellness Incentive Points are not available for this event.

This course will be broken down so that the first half-day will cover basics like understanding the PowerShell console, finding help, and understanding PowerShell’s syntax. The second half-day course will continue by explaining variables, arrays and datatypes, the PowerShell pipeline and most importantly Objects. Both days will start at 8:00 AM and will end at 12:00PM.

Both sessions will be hands on, where the attendee will gain experience using PowerShell in a live environment. If you are interested in attending, please RSVP by May 1st.

Thursday 5/18 Friday 5/19
8:00 AM – 12:00 PM  


  • Introductions
  • Understanding PowerShell
    • Versions
    • Console
    • Integrated Scripting Environment (ISE)
  • Using PowerShell
    • Finding commands
    • Naming conventions
    • PowerShell Modules
  • How to find help?
    • Get-Help
  • Understanding the syntax
  • Deciphering errors
  • Understanding and using PSProviders
  • Understanding and using PSDrives

  • Getting ALL THE Data
  • Variables
  • Syntax
  • Understanding arrays
  • Datatypes and operators
  • Hash tables
  • The pipeline
  • Objects
  • WMI & CIM
  • Creating basic functions
    • Looping constructs
    • Organization

Excel Bootcamp

July 25 – 27

Microsoft Excel is the single most important piece of software for anyone who compiles, stores, or organizes data. Do you know all the things it can do? Even the advanced stuff? Excel Boot Camp brings our entire training series to you in three days, February 28-March 2, with test-outs for beginner sessions. Credly badges and Wellness Points available for these classes. All classes for this event will be held in room 18, Arts & Science Building (A&S). Click on any class name to register.

Tuesday 7/25 Wednesday 7/26 Thursday 7/27
8:30 AM Excel 2016 # 1: Introduction Excel 2016 #4: Functions Excel 2016: Data Management and Importing
10:30 AM Excel 2016 #2: Formatting No Class
Noon Lunch
1:00 PM Excel 2016 #3: Worksheets
Test-out to skip Excel 2)
Excel 2016: Charts and Graphics No Class
3:00 PM Excel 2016: Macros and Analytics